Sunday, February 18, 2007


A good mutual friend of ours just had their first baby two weeks ago. Today, me and my friend "A" decided we would go and visit the new parents, and of course, get in some serious ohhhh-ing and awww-ing of their new daughter!

How many of you get that baby fever as soon as you enter the same room of a newborn??? OMG seriously; I could feel myself ovulate lol. There is just something so magical about holding a new baby. I didn't want to let her go, I could've just sat there forever staring at her. Can you tell I have serious baby fever? Yes I have three kids, two of which are fraternal twins. Yes I had them exactly 19 months apart... yes that's right. When the twins were 19 months old, out came Karis into this world. You should've seen the looks I got pushing around a twin stroller with my tummy larger than life. But in all honesty, I really enjoyed being pregnant. Having gone through IVF a lovely three times, I was in my total element being a momma-to-be. A lot of people ask me if Karis was an accident then, seeing how close in age the girls are. Believe it or not NOPE!!! We figured it took so much to conceive, that chances are we probably wouldn't by ourselves. Low and behold, two months later I peed on a stick and it was positive.

I am not a glutone for punishment. After Karis was born we figured I should give my uterus a much needed rest. I mean you can't just be popping out babies left and right. So now that Karis is three, I think I'm ready to put an occupancy sign out. Holding that sweet little one today just reminded me of just how great it is to start all over again. One thing that isn't up to snuff is my triceps and biceps though. She was a big baby (over 9 lbs), and my arm was actually sore from holding her this afternoon. I'm going to have to start bench-pressing babies soon; because apparently the days of hauling two infant carriers around are so far gone, my muscles are undergoing atrophy. All kidding aside... it's funny how the smell of a freshly washed baby overrides memories of smelly diapers.


nancy said...

I agree!! Last time I met a newborn, I swear I felt my breasts tingle with that wonderful pre-bf feeling. That, and of course the aching ovaries.

We are done, not by choice, but we are totally blessed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you as well. If we were younger, we'd try for one more.


Em said...

Our kids are all teenagers and I honestly do NOT have any lingering desire for another infant in the house. Guess that is my 'man genes' talking, eh?

But I got a good laugh from the image of bench-pressing babies! LOL

Maria said...

Yup. Me too. Liv is seven and I swear that if it wasn't so hard to have another, I'd want one. My partner has NO desire to have any more, though, and I figure that if you both aren't committed, might as well leave it alone.

But....ohhhh....I'd love another.