Monday, November 27, 2006


Holy Christmas cookies people!!!! I've lived in some cold places in my time: Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota..... and Calgary isn't any damn better!!! Today is a lovely -27 out (not including the windchill). Yes that is a picture of my front yard. And yes we didn't shovel the driveway that long ago. It is FRIGID!

And most normal people wouldn't venture out into that blustery, wasteland. They'd stay home in their fuzzy chenille socks, drinking hot cocoa with their Christmas sweaters on nice and toasty in their houses. Me? No - I'm insane apparently because I actually went out today. Did I mention they don't plow the sub-divisions in Calgary? No siree Bob! But I had a dental appointment I couldn't re-schedule and had to pick up my contacts. So I left Karis with a friend; the twins went to school and off went Mommy!! I'm glad I was wearing glasses because I think they would've permanently froze to my eyeballs. I think my esophagus is frozen solid too.

After getting my appointments over and done with, I figured I'm out anyways, might as hit London Drug and Wal-Mart to pick up a few Christmas goodies for the kids and nieces and nephews. Great deals... and the only cost was some frost bite. I also bought a new winter coat. Last years is too big and drafts were blowing up the bottom. LOL I know sounds funny huh? I got me a nice goose down filled parked with fur trimmed collar - shoved my old jacket into the bag and proceeded to shop. Also picked up some Vichy face products to combat the dry, winter skin I'm getting. It's bad enough it's cold here, but it's also extremely arid. I think my face is falling off in chunks. I won't even start about my cracking heels of my feet! I parked in the pg woman/mom's with small children spot at Wal-Mart. I'm horrible. I didnt' have my kids with me either. I figured I have 3 carseats in a mini van. Screw this I'm entitled to park there! I did my uterine time! Besides who the hell is going to park 10 miles away from the store? At least I have kids. I've seen old men park in those spaces (amazing how trying to rationalize doesn't make me feel better about it).

Anyways, even though I knew that living in Indiana for a few years spoiled me... I have to say I really hate winter. There is NOTHING I like about it. Hubby is in Houston right now on business. He may just send for me and the kids - we'll abandon our house and some nice people can squat in it. We could trade our toques in for cow boy hats (well Calgary is big time cow country but I don't remember seeing any winter woolen cowboy hats here). Sorry to you folks in Eastern Canada, but we are sending this weather packing your way! ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

For some ODD reason, our weather has been SO mild for this time of year. We are usually dealing with snow at least by Thanksgiving.

PLEASE don't send TOO much this way! xoxo