Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm sure you can see it better than I can if you do. After all the trouble of going out into the freezing elements yesterday... I get a call from my optomitrist's office that they gave me the wrong contacts. Sheesh people. I think the receptionist must not have been wearing her glasses when she was digging around trying to find them. Thank God I didn't open them up yet - although I don't think it would've been my fault if I had. I was wondering why they weren't Acuvue Hydraclears though. Figured my eye doctor decided not to give me those ones after all. Hopefully whoever got mine didn't shove them into their eyes. EW EW EW. LOL well it's not like I'd actually get those anyways.

So now I have to go back today... and it's cold again... to bring back the ones that don't belong to me and get the ones I'm supposed to have. Can I just say very inconvenient??? Plus this time I have all 3 kids with me. I swear this month is the month that keeps on giving.

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nancy said...

OMG that would be the worst - actually putting them in your eyes...or wait, maybe schlepping three kids in the cold? You can't win.