Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So Britney Spears finally files from divorce from K-Fed? I'm sorry but why do we exactly care? Especially in a world filled with so much more news-worthy topics? Sadam getting the death sentence... now THAT'S newsworthy! I would love to be front row and center for that one! Hell, I'd sell hotdogs at an event like that! But really, isn't it sad the way we are so absorbed in the entertainment culture? As a friend of mine pointed out, there are much more attention-worthy topics in the world For instance, medical breakthroughs and the work being done on the fight against SIDS. Yet here we are, in our crazy little world - worrying about celebrities marriages falling apart. While I'll have to admit, I was a little surprised about Reese Witherspoon and what-his-face splitting up; the whole Britney/Kevin divorce isn't exactly something shocking. Wasn't Vegas taking bets on this one?

You know what's REALLY the sad thing? Is that society is so much more interested in what's going on with celebrities than they are about their own community. I mean I understand what sells in the media: sex, corruption, and anything else that is inherently evil. Do we care so much about things that REALLY affect our day-to-day lives? Sometimes I think we just don't WANT to know the truth about the real goings on. Isn't it much less stressful to consume ourselves with these overpaid people, who we'll never meet, and talk about how their lives have gone down the crapper? I think we all secretly are happy when we see these celebrities crash and burn. So rather than worry about lack of funding for schools, hospitals, and police department... we can sit back and read about Paris Hilton yet again getting into another car accident or Ashlee Simpson wanting another beak-job. Pretty weird where our priorities lie huh?

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