Thursday, November 09, 2006


Some of you may already know that recently my husband told me he would buy me this Louis Vuitton handbag for Christmas. We did the retail thing, decided maybe we could get it cheaper on EBay and did a search. Low and behold, there it was!! Authentic LV Manhatten GM handbag. I'm in love with this purse can I just tell you? Yes that's a picture of it right there. If I could reach out and stroke it I would. I have a problem with purses - I'm addicted to them severely. Some people like shoes, other people love jewelry, some people like drugs (LOL that was a joke - kinda), but for me, my addiction is a beautiful handbag. And for me, this one is the mother of all handbags. It's "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" treasure sitting in a cave somewhere surrounded by 1000 booby traps. I think you get the point here - me love purse.

Long story short, we did the "Buy Now" feature, won the purse and I was in my total glory. Happy LV dance in the office right then and there. THEN I get an email from EBay saying that there was a problem, and the bid was cancelled because an unauthorized 3rd party accessed the sellers's account. Only problem? PayPal already sent the money to the seller!! Stop happy LV dance. Now I'm a reasonable person, but I don't like it when people screw me over. Did I mention Visa cancelled our credit card linked to PayPal? Part of fraud protection program. What a huge PITA. So after going through the ardious process of filing a dispute claim with PayPal for FULL reimbursement, I get an email from PayPal stating that the seller sent the purse on November 8th and gave me a tracking number. I'm confused you see - first I was told my bid was nulled and voided due to fraudulant action on the seller's account. As far as I knew, I wasn't getting this purse. NOW they are saying I'm getting it? Excuse me for being highly suspicious of this whole thing. Everything up to this point has been fishy, and now I'm supposed to believe it was a simple misunderstanding and they are rectifying the situation? One would think I would be estatic because the Manhatten GM is on route... or so they say. I'll believe it when I see it people. I half expect a knock-off to show up at my door and that won't be a pretty situation let me tell you. I don't fake it; and I won't accept people faking it with me.

Most people would call me crazy for even wanting this purse. They are entitled to their thoughts; I rarely care what other people think of me. Unless they have held this purse in their hands at the actual store, wishing to tuck it under their arm and run away with it in a mad glorious dash - they could never appreciate my obsession. So I lie in wait to see what happens. Will the real deal show up at my doorstep and I can resume happy LV dance? Will nothing show up and I have to live vicariously at Louis Vuitton, smudging the glass counters until the salespeople tell me to go home? Or do I just look really sad and get my husband to buy it retail, as he has an anneursym signing the credit card receipt? Time will tell.

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