Wednesday, November 15, 2006


OMG - A good friend posted this on another site and I HAD to share it here. I just bust my gutts laughing at it. It's a good thing to laugh - especially if you have been having a crappy time of things lately. And remember - no matter how shitty you think you have it, you could be Sadam Hussien LMAO! Actually, everything he has coming to him is well-deserved. Wouldn't it be funny though to turn on CNN and see him riding on a tri-cycle in a mad getaway?

So the purse came (enter kettle drums for emphasis). It came last night, at 8:30 pm (yes in the evening!). I get a ring on the doorbell and cautiously open it wondering who it is. It's dark here in the West, so it was hard to see. Low and behold - it is the mail carrier with my package!! I just about fainted. I thought she was a mirage from my frustration-induced dementia. By the way, do any of you think it's odd to get mail so late at night? Apparently not! The guy at the mail depot said most of our mail for our subdivision comes up to 9:00 pm. So finally I had it in my hands. Opened it up... and I can't tell if it's real or not LMAO. I "think" it's not though, only because of the lining inside of it. That and the card is missing. I can take it to Holt Renfrew's Louis Vuitton counter for further scrutiny. I must say, if it is a knock-off; they really did their homework! Spectacular! I still love it though and took it for a test-drive today. Fits wonderfully in the crook of my arm. My mom says who cares if it's real- carry it because you love it. That and it can be my run-about purse. You know, you don't care so much it anything happens to it, and when Jarrett buys me a better one, I can save it for special occassions. HMMMMMM 2 of them?

So anyways, for now I'm happy. Whether or not I continue to be happy remains to be seen. But for now, I'm in a great mood (in spite of catching my thumb in the slidebolt and receiving two huge blisters that would be fit for a vampire's feeding). So sit back, laugh today and remember - if you aren't hitting the desert on a two-wheeled trike - life ain't too bad.

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