Saturday, November 25, 2006


Talk about putting a twist onto Christmas!! Well at Wal-Mart, I couldn't help myself but to go to the very back where they have all their Christmas decorations. I'm addicted to Christmas you know. I love the ornaments, the carols, the trees.... everything. So when I spied the inflatable lawn globe there, I had to have it. Besides, Kierra really liked it too.

So I buy it, and on a cold and blustery Canadian afternoon, the family goes outside to assemble it. It was awesome... it had a tree with santa and two reindeer which actually turned around inside the globe. Took us forever to teather the sucker down... you get some of those Calgary winds and man! So finally we get it secured and are pretty happy with it. Girls are totally excited and dancing around it. Later that same evening, I get a knock at my door. It's my neighbor telling me that I have a pretty macabre lawn ornament. Of course wouldn't you know that one of the reindeer is twisted around the tree and looks like Santa is trying to squeeze the life out of him. So I go out and try to fix it. Nope... Santa is hell bent on killing Rudolph. Jarrett tried to fix it and we both figure it's useless... this thing is majorly screwed up. Our poor kids are devastated that we took it down and shoved it back into the box to take back. I swear I have the worst luck with these things. In Michigan, two weeks we had one until some snotnose teenager slashed it with a box cutter (they caught them and charged them... never did get my money back). And now this - contorted reindeer extravaganza. Sheesh. I guess I should just stick to what I know.... garland strew around my house, and tiny ceramic villages on the mantle.

Guess we know who isn't the most famous reindeer of all in this house.

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