Saturday, November 18, 2006


I honestly never thought it would be a problem finding the Dora the Explorer Talking House. This is something Kierra really likes!! Every time we've gone to Wal-Mart, she sits on the floor and looks at the box. You can tell how much she longs for it, even if she never speaks a word. So for Christmas, I thought EXCELLENT I know what I'm buying this kid! Go to Wal-Mart - they have none. I'm told they have the new Dora castle. NO NO NO NO! Go to Toys R Us... they have ONE! That's it, just one. They also tell me they have the Dora Castle - NO NO NO NO! The box looks a little beaten up, and its' been retaped up. Me and Jarrett mull it over... she really wants this house. So finally we say ok, let's get her the house.

Did you know this house only comes with mommy, papi, and Dora, and one couch? The rest of the furniture is in packs, and comes seperately? Each pack costs approximately $15.00 and there is about 5 different ones. WHY do they do this? You pay $80.00 for a talking house, dont' you think it should come furnished? Jarrett says, "Hey it's no different that housing in Calgary." What a smartass I married huh? Well my mom bought Kierra the living room set, and my good friend Alana said she'll buy some of the other accessories for it too. I just know the moment Kierra sees this, she's going to be so happy.

Jenna got her beloved My Little Pony dream castle. Karis walked up and found the Littliest Pet Shop tree house. She loves those little bobble-headed animals. So when she saw the treehouse, she tried to pick up the box and carry it out of the store. So that was easy; she loved it. We got her that. Good thing about little kids, they forget fast even if you buy it in front of them (Don't worry it's not a Santa gift!). I think I'm done with the kids for Xmas now. I got them the Santa gift, and the mommy and daddy gift. We spent a lot on them so far... and even though I feel kinda cheap, I think that is enough for this year. We are spending so much money on flight tickets, dog boarding, airport parking, and car rental. Besides that, they'll get spoiled from everyone else. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... because my bank account is dwindling.

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