Thursday, November 16, 2006


It would make things so much easier if Santa was actually someone we could depend on to bring presents. Rather than get mulled in Toys R Us for frantic mom's trying to find TMX Elmo or whatever else is a hot commodity - you just email Santa your list and there it is Xmas day!!!

Tomorrow marks the begining of my serious hunt for Xmas gifts for the girls. Jenna reminds me DAILY what she wants. I know what Kierra wants (she stares at it in the store every time we are there). Karis I'm still working on. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to scope out prices. They didn't have the Dora Talking House anymore! WTF? I NEED the talking house. They had a castle instead. No castle - house! So now I have to haul to the mall, look for parking forever, go in, and stand at the cash register for eternity - that is IF they have it. I'm killing the spirit of Christmas I can feel it LOL.

I'm always grumpy knowing I'm going to the folks for Christmas. It's not that I don't like seeing everyone. It's the inconvenience of it all. The girls are shuffled around here and there, they don't have their stuff, the beds aren't what anyone is used to sleeping on. We have no vehcile, unless we rent one and pay out of the butt. Have to pay to board the dog. Honestly, it is so bloody expensive to go home for Christmas. Then there is the whole issue of flying there. It's a 2 hour flight but man, that can be a LONG two hours!!! I hate flying in the winter especially. Plus, we have to check 3 carseats, and on the way home, hope everyone listened not to buy big things so we can actually haul it all home.

Thank goodness we are hosting next year to my family here. I don't know, I may be eatting those words this time next year but for now, I'll just try to stop being a grinch and enjoy the holiday. At least I get to snarf down a lot of Ferraro Roches with just cause - hey it's Christmas.

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