Friday, November 10, 2006


So as of this afternoon, I'm told that the purse is in Calgary. It was shipped out on Nov 2nd and arrived in Canada the other day. Why it never showed up on tracking remains a mystery. However TODAY it's on Canada Post's website. Ain't technology grand? It's out for delivery today actually, so I guess I'll be seeing it before the week-end is over.

So here I lie in wait for this thing... I half expect it to be a fake. I will NOT be amused if this is the case. If someone tells you something is legit, you believe them. Me especially because apparently I'm a gullable person. But I'm also a supreme bitch when someone crosses me. Bitch overrules gullable in my case. So I have all the info I need down pact: where tags should be, how it arrives, to the type of stitch used (5 hand-stitch per side ). I'm obsessive now - not because I want a LV purse so much, but because I don't like the idea of someone trying to pull a fast one on me. Is it still possible to hunt down Jessica and steal hers? Just a thought. I'll update when the eagle has landed

Sick of hearing about this purse? Think of how I must feel! Boy Jessica Simpson sure looks like she's enjoying her Manhatten GM - that bitch! If I saw her on the street carrying it, I'd sucker punch her and steal it. Does that sound mean? I mean the girl has about 100 other LV purses - she can just go into her closet and dust off another one. Besides, she's probably just carrying around hair extensions in that thing... getting it all hairy and nasty. I'd be saving it really from a fate of fake-ass hair and empty cans of Chicken of the Sea.

So here's the deal - I've TRIED communicating with the seller to no avail. This whole civil dispute thing through PayPal is bogus. All I'm getting is "this item has been sent" and a tracking number. Problem? YES. I have no idea where I'm tracking from. At first I thought USPS, seeing the seller lives in Tennessee. Called the Postal Service in the States. Not in their system but they tell me the last two letters CN stands for China. Here I thought it meant Canada (honest mistake). So the purse is coming from China. Ok why exactly? So obviously I'm either tracking this thing from China or on Canada Post. I go to the China main site for mail, and have to download a translation program so I can understand what the hell is on there. No record of that tracking number. I try Canada Post, same thing. So you know what? I think this is just a way of trying to delay my dispute claim. Sorry xinchun or whatever your name is... not going to work buddy. Of course a little part of me hopes it's the real purse and I can go on with my disturbing life that resolves around such trivial things. LOL honestly no I am really not this simple-minded and obsessive. I just hate being screwed with.

So I'll continue to track down this mystery shipment and file my claim with the good folks at PayPal. Please stay tuned to this program to follow the epic conclusion of "Where in the World is My Louis Vuitton Purse?"


Anonymous said...

Any sitings yet?

Elle said...

Nope. I'm guessing we'll see it sometime on Monday or Tuesday (we don't get week-end mail).

Kristy said...

Don't ya hate wating!!

Muneraven said...

Hi...I ran across your blog because I used Technocrati to search for a ebay + paypal + scam and weirdly ran across your story. I got scammed from the OTHER end but with the same scam you did, lol.

This morning MY ebay account was hacked. Someone was trying to sell like 50 of the very purses you describe, but from MY account! Ebay froze my account and deleted over $150 dollars of seller charges, then I got my account back. But it was scary and a real pain to straighten it all out.

So anyhow, I don't think ebay and paypal are lying about the account stealing and fake purses for sale. Somebody IS clearly doing that. But it sounds like Paypal is really running you around! Ebay was quick to fix this on my end but it sounds like Paypal isn't helping you out much. :-(

I hope you get your purse and that it isn't fake.