Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Possible Things that Happened to my Louis Vuitton Purse:

1) A Gremlin hi-jacked the mail truck; and it crashed in a blazing inferno
2) The purse met a hot Coach bag and they ran off to Mexico together
3) It crumbled into a dust pile, because it took so long to deliver; and blew off into the wind. It will inevitably provide nourishment to the plantlife here.
4) My mail carrier is a cleptomaniac who stole it, and is living the high life in Vegas, with bags of unforwarded mail in the trunk of her car.
5) The people at the Post Office have a bet to see how long they can make one of their recipients go "postal." Someone is about to win.
6) Someone at Gucci, or possibly Fendi, have a voo-doo doll of me, trying to stop my purchase of this purse so I'll buy their over-priced product instead.

It seems every day involves me trying to figure out what the heck is going on. You call Canada Post, they tell you to contact the sender. You talk to the Post Office, they tell you to call the Mail Depot for your area. You call the Mail Depot, they don't answer the phone - but rather leave an annoying message to contact Canada Post's 1-800 number. You try to contact PayPal, they say take it up with the seller for a 20 day period (the seller which refuses to reply to you). Visa tells you to take it up with PayPal and EBay. SO you can understand why I might be a little cranky.

So today's episode of Purse Quest 2006 involves me going to the Post Office and explaining personally what the issue is. They look it up on their computer and low and behold... they have no clue. I told them I'm having issues with our mail carrier. The woman there suggests I call the mail depot that would have received the package when it was sorted for our area. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but they only work to 3pm and they don't answer the phone there!! Do I have to physically get in my van, drive there, and talk to them too? I'm so bloody sick of this. I just can't understand how a package can get from China to Canada with no issues whatsoever...clears Immigration...comes to Alberta... goes to my local Mail Depot all without problems, and in record time... but for some reason can't make it to my front door????????????????

Think if I called up NBC and pitched this as a CSI storyline they'd pick it up? I mean they could have a murder involved to make it more sensible. They could re-hire Kevin Federline to hi-jack the mail truck or something. LOL he probably needs the work since his wife gave him the boots. LOL or he could work for Fed-X. The irony is wonderful. In any case, I am sure the plot thickens on this one.

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