Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have been on the search for the elusive cordless phone from the office for almost a week. Before, we had one phone in this entire house; which is nuts because it's over 4000 square feet.
So finally, we jumped into the 21st century and bought a set of 4 that has one main receiver and then the satelite phones. Really nice since you just plug them in and they don't need a phone jack. Well, about a week ago I couldn't find the office one ANYWHERE!! I looked and looked. Whenever the phone rang I could hear it but couldn't figure out where it was exactly. It was driving me nuts. One would think that you would have a track-down feature on there; you know you push the button on the receiver and the phone screams at you until you find it. Well this one didn't have one. I asked all three girls if they knew where it was but of course no one did.

This morning, Jarrett was going to work and he could hear this beeping. He had no clue what it was but it was driving him nuts so he's trying to find where it is coming from. Low and behold he locates the beeping: it's the missing phone shoved into the kids' play kitchen cupboard! It was doing the low battery beep!!! Of course no one is claiming responsibility for putting it in there. Not that it surprises me. I have a feeling it is a little girl with big brown eyes, around the age of 2 and says "no" alot. Of course I don't have any forensic evidence to back that up but believe me - I'll be keep closer tabs on her from now on. And well, on the phone of course.

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