Monday, November 13, 2006



Can I get a collective, hugely annoyed sigh please? That's it - exhale in a pissy attitude. Don't hold back. Seriously I don't think I could be more annoyed with this entire situation than I am right now.

SO, here is another antedote about this stupid purse. How many of you check to read this simply because you can't wait to see how it all ends? Harumph. Anyways, repeated emails on the PayPal forum to the seller have been ignored (not that I'm surprised since this person has the scrupples of a garden snail). I've called Canada Post TWICE today. Both times they were useless. Kept telling me the item was out for delivery last Thursday the 9th, and that I MUST NOT have been home so the package went back to the post office. First off, I was home all day Thursday AND Friday so no dice on that one. They argued with me about that. Hey I think I know my whereabouts people! I didn't have a card or sticky in my mailbox or on my front door saying they were even here. So finally I called over to our local post office. The woman there told me that they didn't have a package for me there either. So obviously this mailperson still has it for some strange reason. Not sure why. The PO woman said they've had nothing but trouble with one of our mail carriers in specific area(gee, I wonder if she's MY mail carrier?). Last Friday, we didn't get our mail until WELL after 6PM. What the fuck is that about? I suggested to the PO woman that perhaps she just didn't feel like dropping it off - and to be honest, she didn't seem surprised that I would suggest it. I'm almost half-wondering if this carrier didn't open my package and keep the purse for herself? You never know I guess.

Anyways, since it was Remembrance Day over the week-end, we have no mail pick-up or drop-off today. The friendly lady at the PO told me that if this item was attempted to be delivered, it would come to them by tomorrow for sure. So I can call tomorrow afternoon and see if they have it there. She said she can't help me more than that since once it leaves the main sorting building, it's in the hands of the carriers. I would like to wait at my mailbox tomorrow for this bitch, and ask her where my package is. I find it hard to believe that since last Wednesday, no one has a clue as to where it is. Everyone seems to agree that the carrier has it. This is so ridiculous - but fitting. Everything about this; from the moment I got an EBay account has been completely mental!

So if you find out later on that I've been committed to the local mental hospital and repeatedly chant "Louis Vuitton" or "Canada Post bites," don't be shocked. Wondering if they make straight jackets up in France with the LV logo.........

Just a thought.


nancy said...

OK, so here I am, finding you after you found me via MamaLee is it? Just a guess.

I am horrified to read about your bad experience with ebay/paypal etc...I have purchsed over 80 items and never had a problem.

But...even more interesting that you also have 4 y.o. twins from IV...I believe ours are VERY close in love purses??

We gotta chat...more.

Elle said...


Yes my twins turned 4 this past June! I have girls and yes they were IVF. I also have an almost 3 year old daughter as well! Love purses - it's beyond love actually.

Nice meeting you! Lee-Ann is a good source for meeting new people no? Especially fellow Canadians! Hope to hear from you again!