Friday, March 02, 2007


For those of you who missed me; my absence was due to painting. Yes I'm painting again. You'd think I'd run out of things in this house to paint by now wouldn't you? I wish.

I decided to finally re-paint the twins and Karis' bathrooms. The original owner painted the entire house with a flat paint - including the bathrooms. So I had to re-paint with semi-gloss. I decided to go fun with the twins bath, and make it really bright! (oh and it is!!) Karis' ducky-themed bathroom did great with light blue walls. All the kids are in love with their new bathrooms. There is definately no fighting about taking baths now! Of course me being me, I couldn't help but make some handmade crafts for them. I think Michael's Crafts considers me their favorite customer right now. I enjoy making them though; so the pleasure is all mine.

I also finished my laundry room. You might ask, "who in the world decorates their laundry room?" Answer: me. LOL I had bought a wallpaper border for it when we first moved in in 2005. Its' been sitting on the shelf ever since. I finally painted the room, and today applied the border. Not fun when everything in that room is either uneven, or just plain awkward to get around. After a lot of swearing, I finally had it done. So three days of work; things look great but now I have to see my chiropractor to fix my shoulder/neck and whatever else I screwed up over-utilizing my right arm. I look like lurch right now.

Of course I'm including pictures of my hard week's work!! Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them (minus the debilitating physio I'll need).


Em said... all looks fabulous! Wish our laundry room looked that great! Now you deserve a good massage on that arm!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. Good job.
When can you come over and do the rest of my rooms....?

Maria said...

Well, this is me hanging my head in shame. I am SO not into crafts. In fact whenever Liv brings home a note from school asking for parent helpers to assist children in making anything, I break out in a cold sweat.

Jeez louise...looky there at your laundry room. Mine is in the basement right across from the boiler. My washer and dryer are that ugly green that was so popular in the 70's. In fact, they came with the house when we bought it and are 31 years old and still working! We also have red and orange shag carpeting in the basement. I swear it is like a flashback to the Brady Bunch at my house. I'd just like to know where the hell is Alice when I need her?

Seriously, great job....