Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well first things first, I got pretty darn upset and literally YELLED at someone on the phone about the leather chair. You need to understand... I keep my cool most times. I don't like to get in people's faces, even though I want to. It's part of my non-confrontational nature. But you know, a gal can only take so much. I pretty much had an authoritative bug up my butt. You should have seen Kierra's therapists - they were amazed at my verbal smack down. I refused to be dismissed (after I was transfered twice). I got a lot of apologies and crappy rhetoric of course - the whole "we are so sorry," "I'd be upset too" etc. You know, appease the pissed off customer spiel. As a result, they are delivering the coveted leather chair on Thursday. Now they "say" this but I don't believe them. The lies, they have wounded me deeply. I wonder if such a chair even exists? Hubby says if they don't end up bringing it; it should be interesting what new excuse they come up with. I'm thinking either alien abduction of the truck, or that PETA hi-jacks in protest to my sitting on a cow in my family room. What's even funnier? After I made arrangements for delivery, TWO different sales reps called me to make arrangements. So obviously these are people with low IQ's. They didn't even bother to look at the computer to see first.

To cool off, I took Karis for a walk once the twins went to school. I love this time of day, because we just get to hang out; mom and her little one. In Calgary, we have a problem with jackrabbits. Well cause mostly we are on the edge of the city, and on the outside is community pasture lands. Oh ok fine: we encroached on the rabbits habitat and they are taking back the land (well trying, I don't imagine it's easy to dig oneself a rabbit hole in concrete). Their protests consist of eating all my flowers and bushes - hairy jerks. Anyways, the other day we saw a jack rabbit - and Karis was pretty thrilled about it. Imagine how happy she was when she saw TWO of them running together. These guys, man they are huge! They look more like kangaroos than rabbits. It gave me warm fuzzies because she was happily talking about these two rabbits, until I came down the parallel road and found a dead one beside the sidewalk. WHOOPS!! I didn't even notice til we were right beside it. I was praying Karis wouldn't spy him, but how can you miss a rabbit the size of a small mule? I'll tell you how, you lie to your 3 year old and yell "Look a helicopter!!" and push the stroller like Ben Johnson on steroids. The worst part is I know this thing will stay there until either the magpies get at it, or it just erodes naturally. Lovely. So that puts a kink in my walking route. I'll tell you what, that rabbit sure didn't have a lucky foot on him!

And to top off the day, we had soccer week two. Yes that's right! Now I know what you are thinking, "God, did it go as bad as last week?" Nawwww actually. It was ok. Jenna cried once, and then we told her to shake it off. She was running and kicking and having a good time. She even managed to score. Kierra pulled the flags out of the ground in a triumph, and I basically ran after her across a field yelling "noooooo!" Karis wanted to play, and after telling her no, I proceeded to accidentally poke her in the eye. Ooops!!! That's not good. She's screaming and I'm trying to jam a cracker in her mouth. Then Kierra sees the crackers, and comes running over to stake her claim on one as well. BUT we did manage to get home, no crying or tantrums!! Whew, only 2 months left to go!!


Anonymous said...

Good for YOU! Sometimes you just have to let them have a piece of your mind! I love the new look of your blog and I ADORE the music!

You keep after them about the chair, thats your right! YOU GO GILRFRIEND, YOU GO!

k8 said...

like your new template.

big rabbits scare me.

Lainey-Paney said...

I love "Puttin' on the Ritz!"

I don't think I've ever seen a jackrabbit in real life.

But I will say this: I always wondered about "lucky rabbits feet". I always wondered why they were so lucky if they were cut off a rabbit. Wasn't so lucky for the rabbit.
And, it did not dawn on me until YEEEEARS later that the rabbits were dead when they were cut off. I just always thought it was mean to cut a rabbits foot off for good luck.

So naive....

mcewen said...

Soccer girls! Jolly good show!

Slackermommy said...

Love the photo! Where did you find that? We have two bunnies and my kids would love that photo.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a big rabbit, but love the diversion you created over the dead one. One time walking with Goose when he was really little, we saw a dead possum on the side of the road. He spotted it and casually said, "Oh look, he's playing possum." Morbid little kid apparently got some of Mom's humor.

Anyway, congrats on the soccer improvement. And for my comments on the chair situation, read yesterday's post. Although I did have an idea. We used to have a cow that would just lay in the pasture and chew his grass. You could sit on him, lay on him. He didn't care. A cow like that might actually be quicker for you. ;)

Mom said...

WOW! I just got caught up on the whole chair debacle. Holy Crap. SUCKFEST! Hope its there soon!

Janis said...

Hey Elle!! I was sooo looking forward to this week's soccer story!! That last one could have been in an article somewhere!!

Hope you sort the shit brick out soon and no one finds any passed Jack Rabbits....lol

Chrissy said...

Good for you on taking a stand!
Also, good for you on your diversionary tactics with the road kill.
So glad the soccer went better this week!