Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Please see post below if you aren't familiar with my on-going situation. This one would make much more sense. So I spent all day yesterday playing phone tag with a sales rep at the Brick. This was one of the conversations:

REP: I can't find your order in the system.
ME: Why? This morning someone was ready to send me the chair, and now you can't find it?
REP: Is it under another phone number maybe?
ME: Ummmm, no.
REP: Well can you hold for a minute?
REP: I see a 30" black range, is that it?
ME: NOOOOOO that's a stove!
REP: Ok, I see that. OK is it called the... oh I can't pronouce that word. It says it's red.
ME: No, for the millionth time, it's a leather brown chair. I ordered the complete set on Feb 10th.
REP: Ok, let me have a look here. I'm not finding it in our system.
ME: You had it on your screen this morning remember? You told me they delivered it to me on Sunday.
REP: Do you remember the phone number that order was under?
ME: Yes, the one you have on your file.
REP: I have a 30" black range, maybe that's a flatscreen t.v.?
ME: Are you serious? It's a stove! I got it last month!!
REP: But you bought a t.v. too?
ME: I got that T.V. months ago, and it's not 30 inches, and it's not black. And I don't cook on it!
REP: I'll have to call you back and try to have someone help me.

NEVER calls me back. So what do you think? Should I take another stove and sell lit on Craig's List? LOL.


Lene said...

Oh how frustrating! When I saw how the conversation was going - I figured they weren't going to call you back.

The music fits perfectly! lol

Slick said...

Geeez-us, cut all ties with them folks! How are they even in business??

Them goofy Canadians.

Hope it works out.

ELLE said...

Well I found someone with a brain today. I got things arranged for Thursday (we'll see). Then this afternoon, another person called to schedule delivery.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Sounds like your week is going a lot like mine!

I really try not to be that crazy customer that everyone despises...but ignorance is so d*mn annoying! UGH!

Hope you get your black stove soon!

Mommy's Getaway said...

Holy moly! So did your hubby make their butts bleed? :D I hope so! And I hope you get your dang brown leather CHAIR! I don't even have their screen in front of me and I can tell that is what you are missing. Sheesh.

Sheena said...

OMG reading this post was quite amusing! "ME: I got that T.V. months ago, and it's not 30 inches, and it's not black. And I don't cook on it!" - hilarious

Take another stove at their expense! Craigslist = love. I just bought some tables from a seller on there.

Janis said...

omg Elle...If I were you I would be seeing RED (bricks?) lmao...this whole thing just SUCKS...I would cancel their ass and make a HUGE ta DOO about it in the store and go find another expensive store somewhere else!! Maybe Wallyworld would be better! lol

mcewen said...

I'm unable to find an email address for you. [newbie] I can't figure out why I haven't come across your blog before.
Best wishes

Sunshine said...

She should have spent her morning with all your information in hand hunting down your chair and call you with good news instead of sitting there with her thumb up her butt.

TK said...

Personally, I would have rented a moving truck and taken back every stick of the furniture bought from them (along with some burly men to carry the stuff) and demanded money back, left the merchandise in the store show room, (all this very LOUDLY...my voice carries...hehe) and then told them they lost a customer and also lost as many customers as you could tell about how you were treated. Then take your money and go else where.

Is there a Better Business Bureau(sp) in Canada? If so, call them and tell them what's going on.

TK said...

"Maybe Wallyworld would be better!"
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't encourage Wal-Hell (they treat their employees like something stuck to the bottom of a homeless person's foot/shoe). Keep the point made, change stores to Target or something! LOL

Jenny said...

I personally think that the prerequisite to being hired in a customer service position should be that you posess a brain. Apparently that is not the case.

I can sympathize. I had a very similar conversation with the satellite dish people yesterday. Instead of not being able to find my chair, they told me that I had service when, clearly, I did not as my TV was blank and I would not have removed 30 minutes from my life to deal with them.

Good luck getting the chair!! Hope it doesn't have four burners or a plasma seat...

Twisted Cinderella said...

OMG what a frustrating conversation!