Friday, April 27, 2007


This will be bit of a boring post today. First, I'm tired and in a lazy mood. Second, nothing good really happened since yesterday. LOL sorry folks, I'm in a slump. I promise to be more interesting soon.

My left arm has been spasming since last night. I have no clue why its doing this but it's annoying. I have a feeling a pinched a nerve or something, but I can feel is spasm from about my armpit to the back of my arm to the elbow. Doesn't exactly hurt - it's just extremely annoying. All night I kept having to move to try to stop it. Finally I figured out a position that stopped it. Problem is I move around a lot when I sleep. Needless to say, I don't feel well-rested this morning.

Yesterday the chair came!!!! Holy smokes - I just about passed out. I mean you dream of this moment for so long.... Funny thing is we forgot how wide it is, so now we're trying to figure out how to make it fit in the family room without making the room look overcrowded. The delivery guy then made a comment about my other leather couches, saying I should exchange them because the seats are much to deflated looking already. Say what? So I'm supposed to purposely deal with these people again after I finally got all my stuff? I told hubby if he wants to, to knock himself out. He'll certainly want to after talking on the phone with them for 10 minutes. So has the saga ended you ask? Eh who knows. For now I'm just happy the chair is finally here.

Last night I totally screwed up dinner. I've never made ribs before (I'm not sure why; Jarrett usually makes them), so I decided to try out Jarrett's famous recipe. I made up a rub, marinated them for a few hours, did them on the grill a bit, made up the sauce... which is where things went drastically wrong apparently. My husband has horrible handwriting, so I put in a TABLESPOON of cayenne pepper rather than one TEASPOON. I had them in the crock pot simmering and tasted it - wowza!! Those be some spicy ribs!! Which meant making something else for the kids. Our lips were actually burning during dinner. Some people may like that degree of spice - I don't!!!!

And last but not least, Jenna keeps telling me about this kid "C" on her bus, that keeps saying bad words. Being a concerned mom, I went to talk to the bus driver yesterday when she dropped the girls off at home. So get this, apparently the bad word Jenna was having a conniption over was "blah". Yes that's right - blah! This kid clearly has no concept of what a bad word is - which is amazing to me because I let a few gems slip out from time to time. I was trying to tell her that blah isn't a bad word. She freaked on me for my constant use of it. This is the same kid that told hubby I said I horrible word but wouldn't tell him. Jarrett comes to me asking what on earth I said, and I said "slippery hands". LOL I'm serious. My kid is totally strange.

My three year old just ran by without any underwear - this should be an interesting development. That's my cue to go! Hope you all enjoy your week-ends!!


mcewen said...

Yup the spicier the better for me [send over the doggy bag] Actually cancel that as I'm still on a liquid diet.
As for the bad words, mine have been swearing like troopers lately - their words of the week are 'BARNACLES / FISHPASTE' maybe I don't had Spongebob and his rabble quite so much afterall.

Tuesday Girl said...

I swear toooo often! I have got to stop, but I just love it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spasms, hope they subside soon. Now, what I came by to say is this..........when Slick interviews you I want to know about it so I can read it ALL! And, you cannot set the rules and limit him to non-crass questions, lol. :-)

This is Slick we are talking about woman. You know he will try to set you up, lmao.

Lene said...

YEA about the chair...I had my doubts! ;)

I had to laugh at "blah". Bad words and kids...yikes! My DH needs to start watching his mouth around our three year old.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad the chair finally came!! And hope the spasms stop - they are really irritating.

The bad words are too funny!! I guess it's better for her to think words are bad that aren't instead of the other way around.

Have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Well, now...for a boring post that one was really, really good, Elle.

I agree...the spasm sounds like a pinched nerve, but as long as it isn't giving you a lot of pain (some really hurt like hell)...I'd do what you are doing, just dealing until it passes.

And "slippery hands"???? God, I hooted at that one. And, I, too, am amazed that Liv doesn't swear like a sailor since yesterday I experienced road rage and called another driver an "ass sack"...No idea where I came up with that one.

Burg said...

Nothing like a naked child to make life interesting.. lol

Glad you finally got your chair!

tulipmom said...

LOL at "blah" being a bad word.

Wow, I just about fell off my chair hearing you finally got yours. So miracles do happen, eh?!

I hope the spasms have stopped.