Friday, April 13, 2007


So I decided to do something a little different today - I've dubbed today "Freelance Friday". What in the world is this you ask??? I'm asking YOU for ideas as to what you would like to see me write about. Or if you have something interesting to discuss, you can add it here and we can all have a discussion about it. Nothing too heated though; I'm not into mediation and I'm certainly not a spin doctor.

(You know this just means I was too lazy to think on my own today right? LOL).

So let's have your ideas!!

Janis wants to know the different effects of my hair color.

*Sigh* so okay I'm not a natural anything at this point. Honestly, my hair is redish blonde - but it's no where looking like that right now. Janis, who I assume some of you have met, likes me best with the red thing going on. I secretly thinks she lusts for me ;) When I had the redish hair; people tended to joke more with me. They mostly thought I had a very laid back attitude. I think I seemed more approachable for some odd reason. And everyone told me I looked just like my mom. Anyways, so here is the red.

So last year I got bored and decided to go blonde, blonde, blonde. Difference I noticed? Men were a lot nicer to me, and women a lot bitchier LOL. Honest to God. People also treated me like I must not be too intelligent (our old builder referred to me as "just a housewife"). People seem shocked when I tell them I went to university. So while blondes may have more fun because men are a lot nicer to them, they certainly get the short of the stick from all the stereotypes.

And last but not least, I recently ditched the blondey and went dark brunette. People were mostly shocked, since I've never had dark hair in my life. BUT I did receive a lot of compliments. My hubby likes this dark hair the best. However, it did wash down a lot, and low and behold, the red is coming back. Now with the brunette, people treated me like I was more intelligent. Women would approach me more, but men weren't as interested anymore. That made hubby happy. However, people now tell me they initially thought I was stuck-up until they got to know me. So apparently dark brown hair transformed me into a hard-ass or something.

So there is my sociological experiment on different follicle colors. Anyone else have same or different experiences with their hair?


Jackie said...

Ok, trying to think of a brilliant idea for you but not coming up with much. Too busy rockin out to Spin Doctors maybe :-) (thanks for that btw - haven't heard that in ages! Love it!)
How about a 100 things list? I love those lists!

Janis said...

Ya ELle thanks for the rockin tune this morning! Both my kids are spazzing around this room to your song!! Good thing for PRESCHOOL!!! lmao I think you should write about how life is with all your different hair colours and if people treat you differently as a blonde as opposed to a brunette..or my personal

ps I started a blog now made me do it!

Elle said...

JANIS!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!! Interesting concept - I accept your challenge.

Jackie; I will try to do the 100 things but man that's a lot of things to think of!!

Lene said...

I love this idea!

I want to see a job description for your job (whatever you consider that to be). So if you were writing a help wanted ad - what would it say?

Ok, so I need a life. lol

Lainey-Paney said...

You suck.
You look good with every color hair.

I went blonde once.
I looked like sh*t. I made them change it to red before I even left the salon.
Then, I was red (strawberry blonde if you ask me!) for about 12 hours until Walgreen's opened the next morning & I could go & buy a box of brunette hair color.

Slick said...

I don't color my hair so I can't conduct an experiement.

I can't spell either, so?

Ok...I get to ask a question or provide a topic, right?

How about your thoughts on today's current fashions with teenagers wearing thongs and low risers?

I'd beat my daughter....

I like dirty blondes!

And redheads....

and brunettes..

Lene said...

Love the different colors!

Maria said...

I am naturally mouse turd brown. But, at different times in my life, I have been honey blonde, auburn, Sophia Loren black, and once....I tried those chunky blonde streaks.

I look at the pictures and just cringe! And there you are looking just great in ALL the colors.

Damn you.

Jo said...

Okay you're hot looking with all three colors! I must hate you now! :p

Seriously though, aren't you just a totally hot mama?!

It's nice to see you (in all your colors). lol