Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Friendship is based on what it gives,
Not what it gets.

Friendship stays alive by serving the other,
Not seeking to be served.

Friendship is motivated by love,
Not debt.

Friendship is willing to sacrifice,
Without seeing or expecting in return.

It doesn't make sense, but the more it gives up,
The stronger it gets.

I found this little excerpt in a book about friendship. I thought it was pretty insightful. Unfortunately it didn't have the author's name on it. Maybe it was just someone who had something to say; but didn't necessarily didn't want the credit for it. Well, anonymous or not, I just had to share his/her words on here.

One of my closest buds called me last night; out of the blue. It was nice to hear from her. We've both been so busy with our kids; and we live far from one another. But every year we still make a point of visiting. I've known her for about 17 years. It made me think about all the people I have called "friend" in this lifetime. Some I think of some quite often, even though it may have been months or years since we've last talked. Some I've made over the past few years; and it's like I've known them all my life. Hell, there are people I've never "officially" met; and I call them my best confidents in this world. There are people I thought I'd never lose touch with; but I have. There is a few I've known since before I grew boobs (LOL had to say it; but it's true). And there are some people you just can't let go of, even though they've let go a long time ago.

Friendship is something I truly treasure. As a woman, and a mom; I find that it's the one stable thing that keeps me grounded. They are my sounding boards; my sanctuaries when I'm going off the deep end. Of course I consider my husband my "best" friend in this life (I think it's sad when you can't say that about your spouse). But a gal always needs her girls too. There is just something natural and easy about telling your best girlfriends all your troubles (not only because they think your husband is a dick when you think he is), but because they can relate to your thoughts and feelings only like a fellow woman can.

May you all cherish your own friendships; keep them close in your hearts and feel blessed for having them.


Anonymous said...


I'm blessed to have you as one of my best friends.

Dustanne said...

Wow that is just awesome. You said some very deep things. I wish I had that kind of friendship with someone.
I think the one that I can say I am the closest to and will always be my best is hubby.
I am though, very happy to meet you!!! :o)

Maria said...

That is what I love most about my friends: I know that I can bitch about Bing right and left, but then call them the next day and be all sentimental sloppy and they NEVER remind me of what I said yesterday.

Slackermommy said...

I would be lost without my sis or my best friend.

Liz said...

Thank you for visiting my site! I'm in a quandry with it right now, half wanting to continue, and half wanting to drop it, since the subject matter is personal and the forum so public. What do you think about that part of blogging?

I'll keep up with the other site every day, as much as I can.