Saturday, March 31, 2007


Today I was particularly pleased with myself. I had bought three new pairs of shoes yesterday (FYI: I don't ever hardly buy shoes; I wear them til they fall apart). One of them was a pair of black leather ballet flat shoes that look like Mary Janes. I thought super-cute!!!!

So today we decided to take the inlaws out to the Calgary Tower for lunch. Since the girls have never taken the C-train we thought hey let's take it downtown. I decided this was a perfect time to try out my new shoes!!! Comfy nice shoes. At the terminal, one of the buttons on my maryjanes went and so the strap was dangling uselessly. I was pissed - I had barely owned them for 12 hours!! Nothing I could do, just tried to tuck the strap into the side, and hoped no one would notice my defective shoe.

I guess since I was planning on taking them back; the other shoe figured WTF so it blew the other!!! OK seriously those shoes were out to get me the moment I paid for them. As soon as I got home, I threw them in the box and they are waiting to go back to the store. I am so annoyed: not only because they broke but because I really thought they were cute!!!

And in other news: my bladder decided my life wasn't fun enough so I now have a bladder infection. I will have been on 17 days worth of antibiotics in the last 30 days when I'm done with them. Good grief!!! Things just keep getting better and better let me tell you!!! On the way home from getting my script filled, I was screwing around with my XM radio and heard an old tune "Mr. Wendall" by Arrested Development. I remembered back in the day, I would've danced like a nutjob to that song. How fitting I'm tapping my mediocre shoes to a song I used to really dig. So I'm going to share it with you. Here's to better brands of shoes, and may your toe-tapping not deteriorate your footwear.


Maria said...

Doesn't it just burn your butt when shoes disappoint? I feel your pain.

Em said...

When they go in less than 12 hours there better be some serious refunding from that store!

Mom on Coffee said...

Grrrrrrr...That would have me seriously pissed!

Mr Wendell...Mr Wendell, Yeaaah! Loved that song!

Burg said...

I bought a pair of sandals that broke the first time I wore them too.. Of course I was out somewhere.. They never break when you're doing yard work and wearing them, do they?

Twisted Cinderella said...

sorry about your shoes that really sucks! I hope you are feeling better soon.