Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Buying one of those plug-in air fresheners is somewhat of an aromatic connumdrum. You open up the package, take off those plastic covers and your house instantly smells like a lemon grove or an orchard or something. Even on the lowest setting possible, it gives you a migraine just walking 20 feet from it - the smell is that strong! And here's a warning; don't ever get that liquid on your hands. I swear I touched it accidentally and I can STILL smell pommegrantes or whatever it is. It absorbed into my skin and won't let go! Having fragrant fingers isn't exactly handy... plus people might look at you funny if you ask them to sniff em.

So why is it after a few days or having these things plugged in, you don't smell anything at all? At first I thought I was just used to it; but I really don't think that's the case. Wouldn't I smell it when I was out for a few hours, and came back in the house? I asked my mom and she said she didn't smell anything either. Those contraptions are such a hit and miss. You are either so inundated with aroma that your nostrils are in a 3 inch permanent flare, triggering allergies you never knew you had; or you can't smell a darn thing except stinky kids boots sitting in the closet down the hallway. Why is it so hard for Glade, AirWick, Frebreeze or any of those great companies to make an air freshener that is somewhere in the middle? I mean they charge enough for the bloody things; it would be nice for them to work for more than 3 days (3 days of which you can't even breathe).

Don't ask me why I continue my quest to buy these things; in a hope to find one that actually works. I am definately a "sniff" person: I love scented candles, nice smelling dish detergent, and I love the smell of Downy. I'm nasally fixated I guess. So does anyone have a product to recommend that doesn't peter out in less than a week?


My Comfy Chair said...

I generally just buy the stuff you manually spray. That way it's always there when it's needed. Another thing you could try is those that are battery opperated that you tell how often you want it to spray. My mom has one of those in her restroom and it always smells so good.

Maria said...

I am not really into scented things, probably because I grew up in a home where my mother used to spray this stuff called Trade Winds all over and to this day, I cannot stand it.

Liv once begged and begged for one of those air fresheners that you pull up to reveal this sort of jello-ish blob that is supposed to make your room smell nice. I can't recall what her scent was but her room reeked for days until she finally admitted that it was giving her headaches....so don't buy those!

I do like a softly scented vanilla candle, though. Maybe you could try that?

Anonymous said...

I understand! I had a hard time finding one that wasnt too strong initially. I finally found the apples and cinnamon one you plug in, with the night light. It works, but goes FAST.

I tend to rely on candles more than those things. I just have to make sure I'm watching that candle like a hawk, with the 3 kids.

I understand, sista-friend!