Friday, March 16, 2007


Hmmmmm, if irish eyes are smiling they sure aren't smiling on me. No I haven't happened upon a four leaf clover lately. If any of you find one, could you kindly loan it to this household? We could use it!!

First of all, the week started out with Karis having a fever for a day, and vomiting on me twice. That, in and of itself, is awful. I am not one of those moms that got used to vomit as her kids got older. In fact, I am the biggest sympathy gagger ever!!! After that she seemed fine.

Me and hubby, however, not so much. Jarrett came home on Monday really sick. He basically slept 28 hours straight and was still tired!! Had a fever, sore throat - whole enchillada. Turns out he had some massive strep throat. GREAT!! Guess who got it the next day? That's right ME! So hubby was off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday I go to the doc, get some med's and yes for sure I have a lovely assortment of something foreign growing in my throat too! EWWWWW. So I can't swallow anything basically - hurts to much. I pretty much took after hubby, slept most of Wednesday away! It's amazing how much you sleep when your body is tired. I was rocking around with 101-102 fevers, and pretty much just out of it.
Hey but I lost 4 lbs so far this week basically living off of liquids.

Then last week, the panel on my stove went caput! By caput I mean the oven will no longer turn on, and the timer was useless. All that worked was my elements. Not convenient. So we ordered this replacement part. Cost $300.00 but that's cheaper than say $800.00 for a new stove. Get the part, and it doesn't work!! The guy tells us once you hook it up, you can't bring it back. OK so how is it OUR fault that he recommended the part to us, and it didn't work? We're going to say we never hooked it up; wish us luck. Oh so that means I'm going to have to buy a new stove this week-end.

Then yesterday, Karis again with the fevers. Ranging from 100-102 all day with motrin and tylenol. Won't let me take her temperature because her ears hurt. GREAT! Call the doctor, who can't see her until today. All night I was up with this kid paranoid she was going to go into fever convulsions. Hopefully she too doesn't have strep, but I'm pretty sure she has another ear infection (she had one last month yes that's correct). I'm going to have to talk to him about maybe tubes in her ears. She gets way too many infections. Wish us luck at THAT appointment!

Anyways, that's about my manic week!! Hope the rest of you are having a better week than I have. And make sure to spray your screen with Lysol - they say strep is pretty contagious ;)


Em said...

Elle, what a dreadful week (he types while wearing a mask and gloves to avoid germs). I hope everyone recovers soon. And the stove things just sucks. It isn't YOUR fault it didn't work!!!

Catwoman said...

That stove thing seems completely unfair!!!!

Hope everyone is back to healthy soon!

Dustanne said...

Elle - hugs!!!!
Wow what a week for you. My cold isn't leaving and my throat is getting sore again, so hey prob all ready have the problems. LOL
Good luck with the stove and the ear oldest went thru the infections when he was young and then grew out of it, so maybe just maybe.

Maria said...

Oh, wow. Everyone I know has strep this week. And we are in Nebraska...:)

My mother used to have us gargle with salt water and I heard that this actually works.

Of course, my mother used to force Vicks vapo rub DOWN OUR THROATS too. Literally, inside our mouths and down our throats. It is a wonder that any of us lived. I mean, it clearly states on the label, DO NOT INGEST!