Saturday, March 10, 2007


Am I the only one out there that thinks you should only have to live through 80's fashions once in your lifetime?

I am going to a birthday party for a friend of mine this week-end. He'll be 36 - he was a teen of the 80's. So his wife decided to throw him an 80's themed party. Sounds fun - until she says we all have to dress like the 80's. I'm going to be honest, by the time I was hip to the 80's, it was 88 or 89, so I really didn't spend a lot of time doing the 80's thing. But I figured I can be a good sport, and yes I have backcombed my bangs 7 feet high, so technically I have experienced it.

We went shopping for outfits and I was blown away. Fashions right now ARE the 80's!! Big shirts, leggings with lace, big ugly belts and those horrid plastic looking shoes. Not to mention the plastic jewelry. I just about laughed! How easy was that! But personally, I don't think I'll be dressing like that on purpose. Seeing the young girls shopping and wearing this stuff; it's hillarious that my purchases were for a costume party. It's funny how these things make a come-back when you are older. I'm guess retro 80's is the "in" thing. Does this mean my grand kids will be wearing low-rise jeans?

All I have to say is if they bring back acid wash jeans, I will have to protest. Nothing good can be said about those - even though I had some and had them pinned and folded at the ankles. What were your favorite memories of the 80's??


nancy said...

If ONLY they'd bring back the music!! Then, I'd fer shur live in the 80', for-evah!

Melynda Hoffman said...

Dude, you look like so totally!

Maria said...

Joan Jett....AWWWWW! I remember dancing to this tune, trying to look like I was hot enough to so that someone would want to leave with, cause I loved rock and roll.

80's memories...let's see....going to see the movie, The Breakfast Club and thinking "hey, that's me and my crew!"

Wearing a man's shirt out over my jeans and a tie around my neck.

Boy George.

God help me. I am having flashbacks right and left now.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

My favorite memory was fer sure the music!

and the big bright fuscia socks and jewlery.

MamaLee said...

I'll have to dig out some pics of me from the 80s. I went to high school AND college in the 80's. Remember, I'm old. And I wore flashdance clothes, poofy hair on the top and neon yellow earrings.

Like, gag me with a spoon!

Burg said...

That was indeed the worst fashion decade ever...

But you look cute as a button!

Dustanne said...

I so have to say I LOVE IT. Reminds me of my high-school days. I am such an 80's

Lainey-Paney said...

Yes, I recently saw jelly shoes in the store.
And, before that--I saw leg warmers for babies.
Leg warmers.
Whose legs get that Texas?

I'm boycotting the return of 80s fashion.