Friday, March 02, 2007


Remember a few weeks ago I said I was taking Karis in for her 3 year old portraits? Well I decided to skip the Wal-Mart and Sears route (they always screw me with the "accept the first pose for the package" so-called deal. Anyways, since moving here, I've been eyeing this portrait studio. They always have the greatest photographs displayed - the kind you wish you had of your own family. So with the kind urging of my mom; I booked my darling girl a session there. First off, yes it was more than I usually pay but I think the pictures speak for themselves! Isn't she just the cutest??? There were about 75 of them to choose from, and it wasn't easy!!

Anyways, my dear husband looked at the receipt I mysteriously had hidden (well really; it wasn't that hidden) and just about had a coronary. I rationalized that you can't put a price on capturing your children's youth. He objected and said, "Yes you can!" I told him a picture is worth 1000 words - he just decided to let the whole thing go (probably figured you can't reason with a PMS woman). Besides, you go to any quality photographer and you aren't going to get a $9.99 package deal. LOL yes I'm trying to give merit to my case. Anyone would have to admi though (even darling hubby) that they did a wonderful job!


Em said...

These are incredible photos. The one with the flowers and the watering can is just awesome. I'm glad hubby let it go...these just might be worth $300.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

She's gorgeous. That photographer had an easy job!

I did that for SF's 1 year pic. We took her to a 'real' worth the money at least once in your life!!!

Slackermommy said...

She is adorable! Great photos and I love the music.

My Comfy Chair said...

" they always screw me with the "accept the first pose for the package" "
We go to WalMart all the time. What you do for those packages is you tell the photographer "i don't like that shot, please delete it" or something similar. They have to delete the nasty pictures. If they refuse, ask for their district manager's phone number. I have gone to 3 different WalMart studios in 3 different cities in Ohio and they all did the same thing for me. They took a picture and asked if I liked it. If I said no, they deleted it and took another and another and another til I was happy.

All of those are WalMart pictures.

Those pic's ARE adorable!!! I love the belly shot! :)