Thursday, March 29, 2007

TAG.... YOU'RE IT!!!!!

Burg (aka Deeper Shades of Red) tagged me to list the top 7 songs I've been listening to lately. She says I always have neat choices of music AWWWWWWW. I think this is my first official tag - so here I go!!!

1. "GIRFRIEND" Avril Lavinge: I just like this song. I just like Avril. Hey she's Canadian - she's awesome ;) She has such an interesting voice, plus this song has a hint of the Go-Go's to it or something. It's a good mix of 80's and today IMO.

2. "IN THIS LIFE" Chantal Kreviazuk: Ah another Canadian. I love her - I don't like her Fruitesse Garnier commericals though (they are so lame). This song just nails how I feel sometimes. Actually Chantal has so many good songs, you could play most of her CD without fast forwarding through most of the songs (Fergie anyone?)

3. "PUMP IT" Black Eyed Peas: I'm a girl in love with a good beat. Plus I love running on the treadmill to this song. It actually pumps me up and I run a lot faster. So props go to the BEP's for improving my cardio fitness!

4. "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL" Carrie Underwood: This song is great. The whole concept that when life is out of control you must resign yourself to Jesus to help you find your way. She and Kellie are the only ones I've liked from American Idol.

5. "SUDDENLY I SEE" KT Tunstall: I like waking up to this song on the radio. It just makes me feel cheery and bright, and I can shake off the morning groggies easily. I also love "BLACK HORSE AND THE CHERRY TREE". She's just got such a rich voice.

6. "I WOULD DIE FOR YOU" Jann Arden: Man another Canadian... LOL. I had my Jann Arden CD's stolen from my car years ago. Last month I saw some on sale at Best Buy and had to have them. I'm playing it over and over in my van all the time. I especially love this song. Something about how love is so all emcompassing and passionate.

7. "SWEET ESCAPE" Gwen Steffani: I like this song, plus my kids love to rock out to it. They dance like maniacs. I'll be honest, I liked Gwen's debut album much better than this one; it had a lot of great hits on it. This one, I only like really 2 or 3 songs out of them all. But I still love this one. Plus you have to love someone confident enought to pull off a feminized version of the pompador.

So there you have it. The 7 songs circulating my head lately. So I guess if I have to tag; I'm done a mass tag. ANYONE who is reading this right now has been officially tagged (unless you have been already). So turn up the volume and let's hear it!


Slick said...

I've heard one song on your list. Either I'm backwoods or you're electic.

I'm going with the former.

Burg said...

Great list!! When I first clicked I thought you'd put up something by Waylon Jennings.. I guess I'd never heard that KT song before..

Jolene said...

I really like Black Horse and The Cherry Tree. I visit my friend's MySpace page and leave the page open just to have that song playing in the background.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Hey Elle! Great list of them all. Hope all is well with you. chat soon