Thursday, March 08, 2007


OK and I did steal this idea from MamaLee; because she steals good ideas all the time ;) Maybe we should start copyrighting our blogs? No worries we share everything - even Janis ;)
Google your name as "........ needs" and then see what you come up with. I loved MamaLee's list - here is mine!

1. ELLE NEEDS TO CREATE A REALITY SHOW - If I did would you watch me? I promise not to be like Ricky Lake with the "talk to the hand" or like Maury with the "Who You Baby Daddy?" shows.

2. ELLE NEEDS BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS - Yikes!! Man is that still standing from 2002 when I had the c-section with the twins? That's a long time to need blood. Is a vampire secretly draining me at night? Is it dh? I am partly Romanian you know. No wonder I'm anemic!

3. ELLES NEEDS A PART-TIME ACTING ASSOCIATE EDITOR - OK what exactly is that and why do I need it? Apparently I do. All qualified applicants should have washboard abs, nice fully head of hair, and a manly name like "Chase" or "Sven" or something. Fabios need not apply.

4. ELLE NEEDS DATING HELP - Apparently someone didn't get their wedding invitation back in 1998. If I'm dating again, that's news to me and hubby. Hopefully I'm not on the market anytime soon!

5. ELLE NEEDS INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM - I didn't realize I was so popular. Believe me, any investigative work done on me would be rather boring. No one would win a Pultzer for my life-time documentary or anything.

6. ELLES NEEDS A BEAUTIFUL ION OF INTIMATE APPAREL - What you no like my leather whips and my chaps? C'mon people - let me work with with what I got!!! Apparently I should start shopping at Victoria's Secret rather than that "Adult" store located near the liquor mart.

7. ELLE NEEDS TO RENT A TOUR BUS - But I just got back from tour!! I think me and MamaLee should go on tour together - cut down on the bus rental fees. We could get a small U-Haul trailer to haul the kids in behind the bus. What do you think?

8. ELLE NEEDS TO SWAY SOME OPINION - Isn't that what I'm always trying to do?

9. ELLE NEEDS TWO OMNI ATTENNAS - OKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, I'm not sure why that exactly is. Oh that's right, I'm plotting to take over the world in my evil diabolic plan. I shall reign terror over the world! WOOO HA HA HA!

And my personal favorite....

10. ELLE NEEDS TO BE SHORTER, PUNCHIER AND CHEAPER - LOL OK I totally sound like a prostitute here. Apparently I take too long, need to bitch slap someone, and lower my rates. I dunno, what is the conversion on the Canadian dollar right now? People stop offering me food stamps ok? That's not payment!!

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Burg said...

I did this a while back too.. I came up with some pretty interesting things to say the least, the funniest of which was a second worming and booster shots... Who knew?