Friday, March 09, 2007


When I was a little girl, I used to love the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I could watch that movie 100 times, and I think I did. My grandparents had a dish and they had taped it for us kids for when we came to visit. We must've watched that tape over and over again. The ompa-loompa's freaked me out (they must've had too much carotene in their diets, I don't know about those crazy rickets), but it was a good flick. I especially loved it when Charlie finds the last golden ticket in his candy bar. I have to admit, I always cautiously looked for mine whenever I was given a Kit Kat. I mean you just never know when Willie Wonka might slip one in there!

It got me thinking though - what is your golden ticket moment in life? What stands out to you as being that moment in time where you felt you were on top of the world and that life was shining down on you? Was it the day you married your significant other? Was it the day someone special first said they loved you? Was it when you heard your children's first cries in this world? Maybe that is a hard question because life is full of many priceless moments. How can you single out one and say it was the defining moment of your life?

I have a theory on this: I think your golden ticket is looking back on your life and thinking, "I've had a wonderful journey." I think it's made up of so many different events and memories; that living a good and happy life is the ticket to it all. That's my though on it, you may agree or disagree. Whatever your thoughs; I do hope you find your golden ticket in this lifetime.


Burg said...

My moment was the first time I held my youngest daughter.. We tried for nearly three years to have her and then I had some pregnancy scares... It's not that my oldest' birth wasn't just as important, it was that beating the odds feeling..

Maria said...

I'm with burg...the first time I held Liv and I realized that she was REALLY here, that she wasn't a dream.

Other moments run close (getting a master's degree, that first kiss, having a publisher finally say yes) but holding Liv, ah...that was the best.

So far.

And thanks for taking me to that moment, Elle. I am sitting here smiling and thinking how exactly how the top of her head smelled.